Kowdtech Corporation is a place where new ideas are welcome to solve greater problems to meet modern solutions in any field.

The founders and key leaders of Kowdtech have a combined experience of over ten years on software development related to Business Digitalization, Data Privacy and Information Security.​ We set to focus on the future, the “what if and what will it be,” seizing opportunities to expand our horizon and sustain its growth in a fast-changing environment.


President | The Policy Maker

What makes Kowdtech unique and different? 

Many companies can brag about their latest technology offering. However, very few, like Kowdtech, can claim experience and recognition by the industry it chose to serve. In our service to the industry, we combine the innovative spirit of the youth, the practical applications acquired from the “School of Hard Knocks”, and the maturity in leadership.

Kowdtech company’s size and reputation are measured by the partnerships it established. It is a partner of the biggest telecommunications company in the Philippines, the only Association of Data Protection Officer in the country, and the oldest Professional IT Association on issues related to data privacy solutions with information security skills management. Not simply that, our services are part of the offering to the industry by the company that is the number one Microsoft Partner worldwide in emerging technologies for 2019. These made the difference and Kowdtech unique.


CEO | The Strategist

“Speed of Innovation is the key to technological advancement”

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